Soltice was a member of The Dutch. Soltice was a Dutch Elder Vampire originating from the Netherlands. He seemed to be second in command under Heggeman. His age was unknown but it was likely that he was at least 1,000 years old. Soltice was a particularly strict and "orthodox" Dutch Vampire who insisted that vampires give up their double lives and live in a manner that is true to what they are. Soltice appeared to be especially sadistic and zealous in enforcing the Elders' Law. Upon seeing Aidan, Soltice remarked "I remember you." with a lascivious grin suggesting that he remembered who Aidan used to be and was unprepared for what Aidan has become. While inspecting the Werewolves, Soltice noticed Aidan's scent on Josh's back and glared at Aidan. (Dog Eat Dog)

In the next episode, Soltice is destroyed along with two other Dutch Elders when Bishop poisoned them with Juniper and attempted to take over Boston without their approval after having refused an ultimatum offered by The Dutch. His head was chopped off first by Bishop. It is likely that Bishop killed Soltice first because he was the most dangerous of the Dutch Elders and the most likely to fight Bishop on his plans.

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