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"Some Thing to Watch over Me"
Series 1, Episode 3
Some Thing to Watch over Me

Broadcast date Jan 31, 2011
Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2
Wouldn't It be Nice (If We Were All Human)

Some Thing to Watch Over Me is the third episode of Being Human (Syfy).



Josh returns home surprised to find that Aidan has signed them up for the neighborhood watch gang and invited over the neighbors for drinks. One of the neighbors, a policeman, recognizes Aidan from his past and soon confronts him at a bar. The policeman thinks Aidan looks like the guy who killed his father many years ago. Aidan assures him it's impossible but the guy won't let it go...

Meanwhile, Aidan and Josh discover another ghost and bring him home for Sally, who's thrilled to have a pal that she can actually touch, that is until he hits on her. Sally tells him that she's still in love with Danny and he tells her she's wasting her time- if she ever wants to move on she has to let him go.

Josh begins to go on night searches for a tagger, begrudgingly getting to know a med. school grad who's about to start his residency at the hospital. His friend is impressed when Josh catches the tagger and goes a little bit werewolf on the guy, nearly killing him.

Bishop gets word of Aidan's problem and wants to handle it his way, but when Bishop and Marcus are about to kill him, Aidan comes to the man's rescue. Aidan attempts to save the man by erasing his memories of the past and at first thinks he was successful.

Sally's ghost friend takes her to the cemetery to help her come to grips with reality when a mysterious Door appears, a portal to the afterlife. The ghost explains that he found closure by visiting his ex-girlfriend who's now happily moved on with her life. Just before he enters the door he tells Sally that she was right- she can touch humans as long as the human so desires.

Bishop accusatorally drops off some photos to Aidan- the policeman has killed himself.