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St. Jude's Hospital is the hospital that George Sands and John Mitchell worked as a porter and a cleaner to keep a low profile on their lives as supernatural beings during the first and second series of Being Human.

Other employees include Nina Pickering, a nurse; the hospital is where she first met George and the two began to date. Also Lauren Drake who worked in A&E who died as she was murdered (and recruited) when having sex with Mitchell. She was replaced by Becca who was later killed by Lauren. Lucy Jaggat also worked there as a doctor and, under her declarance, a dead body (actually Carl) disappeared from the morgue and the hospital went into panic. She later developed a relationship with Mitchell but was killed by Kemp.

George tells Tully that the reason he and Mitchell work there is because there isn't much natural light, which is good for Mitchell as he doesn't handle sunlight very much, and because they are very low-profile jobs.

George, Mitchell and Nina all terminate their employment and move to Barry Island where they work in another hospital.

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The St. Jude's Hospital is called Bristol General Hospital.

Guinea St
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