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Biographical information

c. 1921



Cause of Death

Plane Crash (presumably)

Physical description


Hair colour


Skin colour


Occupation RAF Pilot
Television Portrayal
AppearanceEducating Creature
ActorBryan Dick

In episode 2.4 Annie met a new ghost named Sykes. Sykes is a ghost who died during World War Two after his plane presumably crashed. He wears an RAF Pilot uniform, as that is what he died in. His physical age is 23 and in Ghost Years is 89, we first see him when he saves Annie from the door and agrees to teach her to do the same. He doesn't tell Annie much about his past, but at the end of the episode opens up about his death. Sykes hasn't gone through his door because of his reluctance to meet his ex comrades, who died because of a mistake he made. He left Annie at the end of the episode and hasn't been seen since - although he was mentioned in the subsequent episode by another ghost because he had been telling them about Annie, and in Mr. Rook's leaked emails. According to Rookileaks he crossed over in 2010 after receiving absolution of a ghost of an elderly RAF pilot.

Sykes' Tricks[]

Sykes has different talents that he uses during the episode, including reading Auras, Turning a TV on and off, Taste tests and closing Death's Door. He teaches Annie all of these tricks so that she can spot one of the gatekeepers.


Sykes' personality changes throughout the episode. He can give Annie a compliment then suddenly shout, and while training Annie to turn the television off with her eyes he blocked her because he liked the look of the weather girl. He caused suspicion to Mitchell as lots of weird stuff had been happening to them and he just came out of nowhere. George seemed to wear him down while at the house because he had been refusing to help her but with his nagging he agreed.

Sykes could be quite moody at times but just didn't want Annie to find out about what he had done in the war. He saw Mitchell and George as Annie's fathers saying at one point "If that's alright with your two dads" much to Annie's embarrassment. Annie had an effect on him as in 2.5 he had been telling Kathleen about her.

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