Being Human Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Death over 200 years ago
Television Portrayal
First appearance The Greater Good

Sylvie was a girlfriend of Hal, over 200 years ago. She also was one of Hals victims. He killed her.

Acording to Hal she was breathtaking, curious, mischievous, opinionated, infuriating. Delicate one minute, foulmouthed the next. His love for her was a physical ache in the pit of his belly that he never wanted to be free from.

Sylvie knew that Hal was a vampire and thought she could save him. She thought her love, her friendship, her body, would keep him strong and clean.

Hal always has a rough idea of when he is about to revert. But this time, it came from nowhere. He was out riding when suddenly he decided to turn his horse round, ride back to the house and kill everyone inside it. As if I was deciding to change into a warmer coat.

He worked his way up from the kitchens and found her sitting on their bed. She didn't look frightened or even surprised. Just disappointed. She told him not to blame himself. She said it was stupid of her to think she could change him. Hal agreed. Then he laughed and killed her.

Hal thinks of her whenever he wants to kill again. It keeps him from killing and drinking blood. He holds on to her memory and that makes him stop.