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Tea is a drink.

Annie Sawyer used to make lot of tea when she was alive. After she becomes a ghost, she keeps making cups of tea that she cannot drink. For her it's part of her old routine and make her feel normal. (Flotsam and Jetsam)

Later Annie makes tea for all the neighbours in her street. (Cure And Contagion)

In a letter to his daughter Eve Sands George Sands calls Annie "the warmest, kindest, obsessive maker of tea" he has ever known. (Dear Eve (letter from George))

In Honolulu Heights Annie gets a new urn that can make tea, she feels like heaven on Earth. (Annie is Back)

Pearl doesn't like Annie's choice of tea and tries to make her use another one. (Being Human 1955)

Jane is very happy when Kirby prefers to drink tea instead of alcohol with her, because she has an ex-husband who was an alcoholican. (Dear Kirby)

Nanna makes Don a cup of tea when Mitchell becomes the new leader of the vampires. (Long Live The King).

Gary and Stefan send Dewi to the cafe on the corner to get tea for them. Dewi should also pay for it. Gary drinks the tea with milk and sugger. (Eve of the War)

George's aunt Flo dies when she wants to make herself a pot of tea. She dies unoticed from her family. (Bad Blood)

Matt Bolton's mother made him tea on the day he was murded, but he never came home to drink the tea or eat his omlette. (Update 2)


Annie: So who wants tea?
George: Ugh.
Annie: What?
George: You keep making tea! Every surface is covered with cups of tea and coffee. I go to make myself some tea and I can't! There's no mugs, there's no tea! It's all been made! And you can't even drink it! You can't drink it, but you keep making it! Oh, oh, oh my god, it's driving me INSANE!
Annie: Oh, well, I like my routine, it makes me feel normal.
George: You're a ghost!
Annie: Yeah, OK.