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The Dutch was a clan of powerful elder vampires who migrated from the Netherlands to Pennsylvania Dutch country and lived amongst the Amish people.


On their previous visit to Boston, The Dutch learned of James Bishop's relationship with a human woman named Jane. The Dutch considered this relationship to be a blasphemy under their law and as a penalty, they destroyed Bishop's maker, Carlo. Heggeman showed sympathy to Bishop and offered him a chance to redeem himself by killing Jane and taking over the Boston Coven. Bishop initially refused, but he eventually gave in to their demands by strangling Jane and taking command of the Boston territory.

Most of The Dutch elders, except for Heggeman, were slain by James Bishop when Bishop refused their ultimatum and committed to his plan for a vampire "Master Race". Heggeman was later killed by Nora in her wolf form, and Atlee succumbed to the blood plague in 2013 after collecting Aidan in the misguided belief that his blood would cure him. Liam Mclean is seen slaying a house of full of sick Dutch vampires the next day. It is unclear if any of the Dutch still survive.


The Dutch Elders are traditional Vampires who shun sunlight and make use of human familiars. They hibernate for fifty year periods after which they emerge from hibernation to travel their territories and enforce their law. The Dutch are led by a 1,010 year old Vampire named Heggeman and their law is enforced by a vicious Orthodox vampire named Soltice. All the members are most likely dead due to the virus.


  • The Dutch are obviously the Syfy counterparts to The Old Ones.