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The Highgate Vampire is a vampire that appeared in the 1970s. The vampire is also known in the non-Being Human Universe you will find an entry about it in Wikipedia. He has also been observed by the CenSSA

This is what Lloyd Pinkie says about him: "I've got a lead on probably the most famous vampire that ever lived - the Highgate Vampire.

In December 1969, a man was walking through Highgate Cemetery in north London when he spotted a mysterious grey figure. He spoke about this in a letter to his local newspaper, and more people came forward, claiming to have experienced similar sightings. Then strange things started to happen. Bodies of foxes would turn up, their throats ravaged, their corpses drained of blood."

Lloyd pieced together all the witness statements from the time and he feels that he has a face to match the mysterious figure. This someone looks like Seth (look at the drawing). So it can be assumed that the Highgate Vampire is Seth. However there is no proof.