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"The Longest Day"
Series 3, Episode 5
The Longest Day

Broadcast date 20 February 2011
Written by Sarah Phelps
Directed by Philip John
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"The Pack"
"Daddy Ghoul"
Wendy: "I didn't delete a-"
Nina: "Doorstepped by the tabloids is gonna seem like a walk in the park when I'm done with you. What's your manager's number, Wendy? I am gonna unleash a sh*t storm!"
Nina threatens Wendy

The Longest Day is the fifth episode of the third series of Being Human.


While working at the hospital, George is horrified to discover that Herrick still exists after all, despite the fact that his wolfself decapitated the vampire in question at the end of Season One. However, Mitchell is distracted, still brooding about last season's train massacre and his guilt for that event, as well as hoping that Herrick can assist him in averting Lia's prophecy about his death at the hand of an unspecified werewolf. Herrick is ensconced in the attic, masquerading as Nina's "Uncle Billy," and to complicate matters, Wendy, a community psychiatric nurse, turns up to assess their suitability for "Billy's" placement at the household. Nina, George, Mitchell and Annie are arguing about killing or letting "Billy" live.


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Johnny Remember Me, by John Leyton (1961 single) - playing in the psych ward when George spots Herrick
  • Surfin', by Ernest Ranglin, from the album Surfin' (2005) - playing on the soundtrack as Wendy and Annie wait in front of the beach mural for the others to come back downstairs
  • Dirge, by Death in Vegas, from the album The Contino Sessions (2010) - playing on the soundtrack as Herrick shows Nina the scrapbook. Actually plays for about five minutes over the montage that ends the episode.
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