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"The Pack"
Series 3, Episode 4
The Pack

Broadcast date 13 February 2011
Written by John Jackson
Directed by Colin Teague
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Type 4"
"The Longest Day"
George: "How come we didn't tear each other apart?"
Annie: "Well, it was really quite sweet actually. I mean after the wolves finished trying to kill Mitchell, George just kind of padded around you all protective. And then the other two stayed on the other side kind of wrestling around and marking their territory."
Annie tells George the events of the previous night


Annie and Mitchell are transitioning from friends to lovers, as Annie discovers a method of possible bedtime stimulation... Meanwhile, Tom McNair heads off to meet George and Nina at Honolulu Heights. However, given that he still bears Lia's earlier prophecy in mind, Mitchell is somewhat apprehensive about Tom's presence there, given that a werewolf is predicted to eventually end his existence, and also given that McNair Senior harbours considerable antipathy against vampires. Moreover, the consequences of last season's Bristol train tunnel massacre continues to loom in the background


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Lulu Mae, by Stephen Wheel, from the album Snow Angels (2009) - briefly played on the soundtrack over an establishing shot of Honolulu Heights, before cutting to George and Annie chatting in the kitchen
  • Everybody, by Rudenko (2009 single) - playing at the club where Annie is trying to get Mitchell to pick up a girl for their 'sex experiment'
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