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"The War Child"
Series 4, Episode 8
The War Child

Broadcast date 25 March 2012
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Philip John
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Making History"
"The Trinity"
Alex: "Do vampires die if you blow them up?"
Hal: "Most things die if you blow them up. Sadly we can't, what with us, haha, not living in a cartoon!"
Hal and Alex discuss Tom's bomb idea

The War Child is the eighth and final episode of the fourth series of Being Human which was first broadcast on 25th March 2012.


The Old Ones have arrived and are intent on taking over the world by force.
Cutler has other plans, but when they go awry he plots revenge on his own kind.

Annie is upset as she realises she has been tasked with making the most difficult decision in order to save the world. Tom and Hal have their own plan to destroy the vampires, but when vampire leader Mr. Snow visits Hal, he demonstrates the power he holds over our hero. The vampires reveal that they are fully aware of the complete prophecy and that Eve needs to stay alive to avoid their destruction. Cutler, intent on destroying all vampires including himself, attempts to murder Eve but is killed by Annie. Eve is brought to them by Tom who knows that they will protect her. When Annie comes to rescue Eve, they reveal their knowledge and offer to let her look after Eve but warn her that she will have to lie to everyone, even her friends. Hal enters attempts to blow up the old ones with the self made bomb he prepared together with Tom but Mr. Snow manages to use his influence to get him to drop the bomb and join them instead. The Episode ends with Annie detonating the bomb while holding Eve, thus apparently killing her and all the Old Ones as well. Tom, taken outside by Milo, and Hal, having been ghost-teleported by Alex, are rejoined outside. Annie in the meantime finally finds her door, having fulfilled her purpose on earth and passes into the afterlife.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Annie.

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