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"There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 1"
Series 1, Episode 1
There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 1

Broadcast date Jan 17, 2011
Written by Jeremy Carver
Directed by Adam Kane
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2

There Goes the Neighborhood Part 1, is the first part of a two part opening of the Syfy Channel's Being Human.


Josh is miserable after his latest full moon transformation resulted in him waking up next to a mutilated deer carcass in the woods. And his buddy Aidan isn't faring much better. He went home with a beautiful girl named Rebecca, lost control of himself, and sunk his fangs into her. In order to cover up the crime and remove the body, he's forced to enlist the help of vampire Marcus who belongs to a vampire legion that Aidan swore off years ago.

While getting for dressed at the hospital they both work at, Aidan suggests that he and Josh should live together so they can watch out for each other. They move into an old but charming townhouse, only to realize the place comes with a fledgling ghost named Sally whom they can both converse with.

Meanwhile, the leader of the vampires, Bishop, uses his position as a Boston police lieutenant to get Aidan off the hook for the murder of Rebecca. But Bishop isn't helping Aidan for naught- he has a special fondness for Aidan and wants him to return to active vampire status. Acting on Aidan's advice, Josh descends into an old basement vault underneath the hospital where he plans to lock himself in so he can't hurt anybody. His sister Emily follows him into the basement however and gets locked inside with him.

Knowing he will kill his sister if she is not rescued, Josh calls Sally on his cellphone, asking her to track down Aidan who has the key and who's not picking up his phone. But Sally doesn't know how to open the door as a ghost. Aidan has been lured by Bishop into a warehouse filled with beautiful, sacrificial women whom he can't resist. Josh begins to turn into a werewolf...