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"There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2"
Series 1, Episode 2
There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2

Broadcast date Jan 24, 2011
Directed by Adam Kane
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 1
Some Thing to Watch over Me

There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2, is the second episode of the first season of Being Human (Syfy).


It turns out Rebecca isn't dead afterall like Aidan thought- Bishop has turned her into a vampire. And unlike Aidan, she prefers being a vampire to her former life and has vengeful plans even against her own family. She tries to bite Josh until she smells that he's a Werewolf. Josh talks with his sister Emily who plans to leave Boston soon with her girlfriend and wants Josh to come with her. They embrace lovingly.

Josh reprimands Aidan for biting Rebecca, for destroying one of their few friends. Back at the house, Sally's former fiancee comes over to fix the kitchen sink plumbing and Sally convinces her roomies to let her be present. They all learn from the fiance how Sally died- she fell from the stairs at night and hit her head on the brick landing. While he's trying to fix the plumbing, Sally's emotions come to a boil and the pipes burst. Her finacee starts to leave but Sally gets in his way- and he stops, sensing her presence. It's a sign to Sally that perhaps there is a way for her to connect to life on earth.

At the hospital, the young nurse cara asks Aidan out on a date and the vampire in him is tempted, but he tells her he's no fun. A few nights later he's stewing at a bar by himself when Kara comes over. At first he brushes her off, but then decices he doesn't want to be rude. She flirts with him and knowing he's in trouble, he calls Josh. While Josh is on his way to the bar, Rebecca shows up and aggressively hits on Aidan, purposefully scaring cara away. When Aidan refuses her comeons, she hits on another man at the bar. Aidan saves the man from her clutches by beating him up. Josh arrives at the bar only to find cara in the alleyway- killed by Rebecca.

At the hospital the next day, Josh coldly tells Emily that his life has been forever altered and he can't see her ever again. At home later that night, Aidan sits on the stoop, depressed over cara's death. Josh realizes for the first time how much courage it takes for Aidan to fight the vampire within him. Sally revisits her death by floating down the stairs and laying softly on the landing....