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{{Appearances||content = *''[[Lia (episode)|Lia]]'' (first appearance)
{{Appearances||content =
===Series 3===
*''[[Lia (episode)|Lia]]'' (first appearance)
*''[[The Pack]] ''
*''[[The Pack]] ''
*''[[Though the Heavens Fall]]''
*''[[Though the Heavens Fall]]''
*''[[The Wolf-Shaped Bullet]]''
*''[[The Wolf-Shaped Bullet]]''
===Series 4===
*''[[Eve of the War]]''
*''[[Eve of the War]]''
*''[[Being Human 1955]]''
*''[[Being Human 1955]]''
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*''[[Puppy Love]]''
*''[[Puppy Love]]''
*''[[Making History]]''
*''[[Making History]]''
*''[[The War Child]]''}}
*''[[The War Child]]''
===Series 5===
*''[[The Trinity]]''
*''[[Sticks and Rope]]''
Tom has appeared in 14 episodes in total.
Tom has appeared in 12 episodes in total.
*Tom is the second reccuring character to later become a main character (first one being Nina).
*Tom is the second reccuring character to later become a main character (first one being Nina).

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Tom mcnair
Thomas McNair
Biographical information


Physical description


Hair colour


Eye colour
  • Brown (whilst in human form)
  • Yellow (whilst in wolf form)
Skin colour
  • Caucasian (whilst in human form)
  • Dark (whilst in wolf form)
Family information
Family members
  • Cafe Worker

Anthony McNair

Television Portrayal
"Always be kind and polite and have the materials to build a bomb."
―To Hal

Thomas "Tom" McNair is a werewolf who used to live with his adoptive father in Barry Island, but after his adopive father's death, he took residence at Honolulu Heights with Hal Yorke and Annie Sawyer. It was at first believed that he was born with the werewolf curse, but it was later revealed that he was infected.


Series 3

When Tom was very young, his biological parents were killed by McNair during a transformation, and Tom was infected with the werewolf curse. When McNair discovered this, he adopted Tom and lied to him that he had inherited the curse.

While Tom is eating at a cafe, McNair is kidnapped by vampires, bundled into the back of a van and dragged into a familiar situation. Despite being able to sense that his father was being beaten by the group he was not fast enough to save him, reaching the scene as the car drove away. Soon after, Thomas was spotted by George in a forest. The two of them had chickens attached to ropes, "circling the chickens". Both deduced that the other was a werewolf and whereas George wanted to talk, Thomas fled the scene.

Later on, Vincent, the creepy leader of the vampire nest, forced Tom's father to fight and kill a human inside a cage for entertainment. Vincent taunted McNair from behind the cage wall later on in the evening when everyone had left the area, just leaving the two of them. Fortunately for McNair, Tom snuck into the warehouse and staked the vampire before freeing his father. The two fled before any more vampires found them, with Thomas informing his father that he had found other werewolves (namely George). (Lia)

George and Nina made contact with Tom and McNair later on when seeking information about Nina's current pregnancy. Tom believed that he had been born a werewolf, inheriting the gene from McNair and his murdered wife, but a DNA test carried out by Nina revealed that Tom wasn't McNair's son; McNair admitted that he had actually killed Tom's parents during an early transformation and taken Tom in after realising that he had infected the boy. Tom initially rejected McNair for lying to him, but the two reconciled after McNair and Mitchell teamed up to save them from vampires who had trapped them in a cage. (The Pack)

The two returned to the hotel the following full moon, where McNair had injured his leg. McNair decided for he and Tom to stay there until the wound in his leg had healed. That night, McNair was killed by Herrick. (Though the Heavens Fall)

The following day, Tom buried McNair's body and, enraged at McNair's death, arrived at the Werewolf Fight warehouse. He was about to kill Herrick in revenge, when Mitchell convinced Tom that Herrick didn't deserve it. Tom later went with George to the hospital to see Nina. (The Wolf-Shaped Bullet)

Series 4

A few months later, Tom was working in a cafe while hunting vampires on the side, particularly interested in finding the vampires responsible for Nina's death. Although he accidentally led George into a trap that resulted in them being locked in a warehouse while George's daughter was abducted, he and Annie later worked together to find the two when George was captured by the vampires as well. With George having fatally damaged his body when he triggered a partial transformation without the full moon, one of his last requests was for Tom to take his place as his daughter's guardian alongside Annie. (Eve of the War)

Tom stake

Tom threatening Hal with one of his stakes.

A few days later, a ghost; Pearl, another werewolf, Leo and a vampire; Hal came to the house. At first, Tom and Hal are very hostile towards one another but a friendship blossoms between the two of them over the course of the series. (Being Human 1955)

Hal is later asked to get a job and Tom suggests that he works at the cafe with him. While working, Hal finds a stake that Tom kept just in case Hal would attack someone. This angered Hal. Later on, vampire Fergus tells Hal that he and his other gang of vampires are going to kill Tom, and Fergus asks Hal to "step aside" as he does. Hal agrees, as he's not fond of Tom at all. But, when Hal was close to attacking a girl, Tom stopped him and helped him calm down. Hal and Tom start to gain some mutual ground with each other, so Hal then decides that Tom should shut the cafe early, so they can go have a drink at a pub (and secretly stop the vampires from killing Tom). But, they didn't close early enough and the vampires preceed with trying to attack Tom, but they managed to escape to a alleyway. One of the vampires found them, so Tom hit the vampire in the face and he, Hal, and Michaela ran back to the house. Annie gets a first aid kit and puts a banadage round the hand that Tom hit the vampire with which was bleeding. Then, the vampires manage to get into the house through the back door, and a fight in the house commences. Tom killed two of the vampires with a stake and when all the vampires were killed, the house and baby Eve were safe for another day. (The Graveyard Shift)

When Kirby arrives at the house, Kirby manipulates Tom into thinking that Annie and Tom are planning a surprise birthday party for his 21st which is tomorrow. Never having one before, Tom becomes excited and hyped for the party, however, he awakes the next morning with Hal or Annie not even acknowloging him. Kirby tells him that the party is going to take place later on tonight, so Tom leaves the house for the day and comes back in the evening. But, again, the party was a lie and Tom became so upset and dissapointed, that he went to cry in his bed. Kirby came to Tom again and told him that Hal insulted Tom. Angered furiously, Tom went to fight Hal, but Hal tried to make him leave and this angered Tom even more. They fought and Hal made Tom's nose bleed by hitting it and the blood spilt onto Hal, burning his arm. So frustrated, Tom ran away from the house, as Kirby planned him to. Later that night, Tom got drunk in a town and he found a vampire that was going to kill a girl. Tome intervened and beat up the vampire in a alleyway, but the vampire escaped when Tom was caught by a policeman.

Tom was in a prison cell for a while, but other vampire - Cutler - got him out the cell and freed him of all charges
Tom birthday

Tom's first birthday cake.

. This made reconsider vampires as Cutler tells him "there are good vampires out there". Immedietly, Tom gets back to the house and he and Hal find that Annie has realised what Kirby has done and she kills him. Tom goes to clean his room that he trashed earlier, but Annie calls for help, so Tom and Hal rush downstairs, only to find Annie has a surpise; a birthday cake for Tom. (A Spectre Calls)

One morning, Adam; a old vampire friend of Annie's and Yvonne; his succubus girlfriend arrived at the house. While staying there, Yvonne and Tom shook hands and Tom became trapped under the succubus spell. He dreamed about Yvonne dressing up as one of his desires; a barister. He became obsessed with her, following her around the house, constantly staring at her and trying to protect her from everything. He even tried to make her dump Adam. The spell does begin to wear off once Tom stays in his room, away from Yvonne from a long time, but she later brings him back into the spell and tries to have sex with him, but Adam stopped her from doing so. (Hold the Front Page)

Tom meets Allison and immediately likes her, the two soon form a strong friendship followed by a relationship, however, Tom asks her to leave to protect her from becoming a killer like himself. (Puppy Love)

A day later, Cutler asks Tom if he can help him kill the Old Ones. Tom refuses at first, as he is trying to bring an end to his violent lifestyle. However, after a conversation with Hal in which the vampire tells him that he and Tom are monsters only pretending to be human, Tom reluctantly calls Cutler and tells him he will try to destroy the Old Ones. On the day before full moon, Cutler takes Tom to a nightclub where he is planning to greet the ancient vampires, and tells Tom to hide in a back room until he has transformed. It is however a trap: the only vampires at the club are Cutler and his allies, who plan to release Tom so the werewolf can massacre all of the humans present, and thus begin a global outcry against all werewolves. As Tom is transforming he realises that the club is full of humans, but it is too late for him to do anything. A vampire opens the door to the back room and quickly retreats, just before the transformed Tom emerges into the club. Just before he goes on the attack, Hal shouts for everyone in the club to run, and then proceeds to lure the werewolf into the back of a police van and lock him in there for the rest of the night.

(Making History).


Tom tying Hal to a chair to help Hal with his detox.

In "The War Child", it is revealed that Tom was never planning to build a pool in the back garden but was gathering materials to build a bomb which he plans to use to blow up the Old Ones. However, an encounter with fellow werewolf Milo convinces him that the War Child prophecy is a ruse, and in fact the Old Ones are actually the only group who want to keep baby Eve alive. Tom agrees to serve the Old Ones in return for Mr Snow's protection of Eve. However, Annie uses the bomb to kill both Eve and the Old Ones, and subsequently passes over. Tom and Alex are left to help Hal through his detox, and get his bloodthirst once again under control.

Series 5



Tom is emotional, wide eyed and naive, yet strong, and determined when he needs to be. He is also shown to be very kind hearted. Since he has spent the majority of his life living in the woods and learning how to kill vampries with his dad, Tom is uneducated with in some areas like "chatting up women" or "negotiating with vampires". So, many have seen Tom as stupid, however, he is an incredibly skilled fighter. He has a passion for his close ones and a hatred for vampires. His way of speaking can be described as 'chavy' because of his poor grammar and Hal has commented on his grammar a couple of times. One of his main hobbies is making stakes which are his favorite weapon to use against vampires. He even mentions that he named his stakes; Thor, Beowulf, Conan and Duncan. It is unknown what football team he supports, but he shows a dislike for Manchester United. He has a lot of respect for not only general people, but for women too and hates the fact that some women (like Pornstars) show off their body. However, he seems very attracted to baristers for a unknown reason. Although it may be noted baristers are covered from head to toe opposite of a porn star.


Anthony McNair

McNair raised Tom since he was just a baby. Even though he accidently killed his adopted son's parents from a werewolf transformation, he still raised Tom like he was his own and raised him to a paticular life style; living in a caravan in the woods and kill vampires. Tom looked up to McNair like he was his real father, but this is probably because Tom use to believe that he really was his biological father for many years, until Nina did DNA test and revealed that they were not biologically related at all. McNair lied to Tom by telling him that he was his real father and that his mother was killed by vampires. Once Tom found out that it was lie, he attacked his father and forced him to tell the truth. Tom was close to moving out of the caravan and going off to live on his own, however McNair saved him from being killed in one of the vampire's "dog fights" which must of convinced Tom to stay with McNair despite all he had done to him. Tom was devastated at McNair's death and buried him and even attempted to get revenge on his murderor.

Hal York


Tom and Hal working in the cafe together.

At first, Tom and Hal had a lot of cold opinions and hatred for each other because of their huge differences in personality. Hal constantly commented on Tom's "chavvy" accent, made fun of his werewolf nature and his lower intelligence. They were also quite close to killing each other once, but when they set their differences aside and both work together to protect Eve and work at the cafe, the two gain a mutual fondness for each other and it later kindles into the two becoming best friends. Tom and Alex agree to help Hal manage his condition and Tom even says that he wants to help him because he's his "best mate".

Annie Sawyer

Tom and annie

Tom and Annie at the shop with Eve.

When Tom and McNair first arrived at the house, Annie and Tom never properlly communicated to one and another onscreen. However, when Nina died, Tom came to tell Annie and George about the whereabouts of the vampires who killed her. Once George died from his partial transformation, Tom and Annie adopted Eve and Tom began to live at the house with Annie. Soon, Annie and Tom became much closer and after awhile, Annie becomes a sort of "mother figure" to Tom and tells him of the wrongs and rights of naive Tom's actions.

Allison Larkin


Tom and Allison at the museum

This girl saw the video posted by Cutler on youtube of Tom and George transforming. Their relationship can be seen as a "yin and yang" like relationship. Both are almost opposites, but are still very attracted to one and another. She met Tom and the two soon formed a relationship as he taught her to slay vampires. As the two are about to have sex, Tom decides against it, thinking he has turned her into a killer, but she denies this. Later, he asks her to leave, after kissing her, and, after some initial refusement, she leaves. Tom says he has a plan to show up and surprise her but Cutler warns him off it. It is unknown whether or not she will have a major role is Series 5.

Eve Sands

While living with only Annie at the house, Tom also helped Annie take care of George and Nina's baby; Eve. Tom treated Eve very well and almost like a little sister, saying he "loves her to bits". However, at first, he never believed she was the War Child and always thought of her as a normal baby.

Nina Pickering

When Tom and his father were staying at Honolulu Heights, Tom started to become attracted to Nina and attempted to have a relationship with her, but she rejected him. Even when Nina told him that she was going out with George, Tom even tried to say they could start a "pack". When Nina was badly injured, Tom went to the hospital to see her, showing that he still must of had some feelings for her. He also helped George avenge her death and Tom told George that "he knew her enough".

George Sands

Tom and George had few interactions with each, until later on in George's life when Tom stood by his side. During his second stay at Honolulu Heights, George told Tom that he should be "out having the time of his life" since he was in his early twenties, but Tom didn't agree. Sometime after Nina's death, Tom visited George to help him get revenge on the vampires for killing Nina. When they transformed together in a warehouse, they had a big arguement about Tom wanting to rekindle his days of when he and McNair killed vampires by seeing George as McNair, but George said "he isn't his f**cking father" and Tom replied with "you ain't nobody's father...".


Tom has, on occasion, displayed strength equal to or greater than vampires. He has engaged in combat with vampires numerous times throughout the series, often killing them with ease or breaking their necks. Tom had sensed McNair's presense on more than one occassion (Lia and The Pack). Tom's blood is lethal to vampires and he can use this as a weapon to kill them. He also has a strong sense of smell which he can use to find people.


Tom has appeared in 14 episodes in total.


  • Tom is the second reccuring character to later become a main character (first one being Nina).

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