Being Human Wiki

Timeline of events in Being Human.


11th Century[]

  • c.1001: Heggeman is born.
  • c.1010: Atlee is born. He becomes a vampire a few years after it.
  • c.1020: Soltice becomes a vampire
  • c.1050s: Heggeman is infected.

14th Century[]

  • c.1311: Suren becomes a vampire.

15th Century[]

  • 1431: Bishop is born
  • 1472: Bishop becomes a vampire

17th Century[]

18th Century[]

20th Century[]

  • c.1920-1930: Aidan and Henry kill two young woman and presumably Aidan himself kills an older woman who accidentally witnesses the event. However, because of Sally Malik using a spell in 2013, she accidentally time travels to this point in history and possesses the older woman in an attempt to stop Aidan. While Aidan still killed the woman and it apparently had no change on anyone's life, this means that everything after this point takes place in a slightly alternate timeline that has only that difference.

21st Century[]

Alternate Timeline[]

  • 2010: Sally breaks up with Danny in August
    • 2010: Bridget becomes Danny's girlfriend
  • 2011:
    • February
      • Sally, Aidan and Josh move in together
      • Sally saves Rebecca from being infected by Aidan
      • Danny kills Bridget
      • Sally and Aidan become a couple
    • March
      • Josh and Nora become a couple
    • April
      • Josh ends the relationship with Nora
      • Josh infects Sally
    • May
      • Sally turns for the first time into a werewolf together with Josh
    • August
    • September
      • Ray meets Josh
      • Sally breaks up with Aidan
    • October
      • Sally is killed by Ray
      • Ray is killed by Aidan
  • 2012
    • October
      • Aidan is working for the Boston Vampires delivering blood to them
      • Nora has become addicted to medicine after her husband betrayed her, she is helping Aidan in getting blood for the vampires
      • Josh works at his own pie shop
      • Sally possesses Josh to get to talk to Ilana Myers, who should make a contact with Donna
      • Josh and Sally see the first victim of the virus in Josh's pie shop
      • Aidan kills Donna
      • Aidan becomes the new leader of the vampires of Boston, however he returns to Sally and Josh.
      • Donna sends Sally back through her own timeline.