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Tom and Allison
Tom und Allison
General Information
Intimacy Level Friends, lovers
First Met 2012
Started Dating 2012
Breakup 2012
last mentioned The Last Broadcast

Allison is a werewolf and has seen a video on the Internet in which Tom turns into a werewolf. She finds out were Tom works and meets up with him. Quickly both realise that they like each other.

They are very different but support each other a lot. They have a lot of fun together, but Allison goes also with Tom when he fights and kills vampires. At first Allison protects the vampires, but then she gets colder and doesn't mind to kill them. Tom does not like this development. Therefore, he breakes up with her and tells her that she shall go back to her parents and live a normal life.

Tom continues to have feelings for Allison after she returns home and even implies that he plans to reunite with her someday. He tells Alex that Allison is "the one".

When the Devil tempts Tom with an alternate reality it is a world where he is married to Allison, neither were ever werewolves and they are expecting a baby. When both Hal and Alex reject their perspective alternate realities because they would miss each other and Tom, Tom rejects his alternate reality because it does contain the "real" Allison.