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Tom and Natasha
Tom und Natasha
General Information
Intimacy Level Lovers
First Met 2013
Started Dating 2013
Breakup 2013 - Natasha died
Status Natasha died
last mentioned The Last Broadcast

Tom and Natasha got to know each other at the Barry Grand Hotel. Natasha flees from a man. Tom lets her in and offers her a job as a waitress. Natasha and Tom began to date and realize that they like each other very much .

However Natasha lets Hal secretly drink her blood. She wants him to be able to take care of his blood lust and to be able not to attack other hotel guests. When Tom finds out about this he is very angry with Hal. Alex and Tom put Hal on a chair and bent him with a rope.

Natasha talks with Captain Hatch. Hatch manipulates her to go to the tied Hal and cut her throat in front of his eyes. Hal gets free and tries to save Natasha, but it's too late. When Tom sees the dead Natasha he believes that Hal killed her and decides to kill Hal.

Meanwhile, Natasha appears as a ghost to Alex. She tells Alex that Hal hasn't killed her, but that the Devil (Captain Hatch), has manipulated her and Alex tells Tom about this. Together, the three try to stop Captain Hatch.

Tom and Natasha did not have a long time together, but they liked each other a lot.