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The Tredegar House is used two times during the series. In the episode The Trinity it is shown as Hal's house. They show it from the front. In the episode Pie and Prejudice it is shown as Lady Mary's house. They film it from the back, making it seem like it is a completely different location.

Hal's House in 1918[]

In 1918 Hal lives in a big royal house. There he meets Lady Catherine. Both have realised that the devil profits of the conflict beween vampires and werewolves. They both deceide to fight the devil. In this house the war between werewolves and vampires has ended.

Lady Mary's house[]

1760 Lady Mary lives in a big royal house. She was Hal's girlfriend until he killed her and Lady Mary returned as a ghost. 2013 Lady Mary still lives there. The royal house is now a museum and during the day visitors go through Lady Marys house. Lady Mary finally leaves the house when she realises that Hal has lied to her all the time and that she wasn't his last victim.


The Tredegar house is located in Newport and is around 10 miles away from Cardiff. It is open to the public.

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