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Blood Magic (as a human)
Witchcraft (as a ghost)

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2013 (destroyed)

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Candace (fiancée)

Television Portrayal
First appearance(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Last appearanceThe Teens They Are a Changin'
ActorJohn Bregar

Trent was someone Sally met through her brother, Robbie, in high school. He is played by the actor John Bregar.

Season 3[]

(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

On the night of the full moon, Sally takes Josh to a bar to have fun since he no longer has to worry about turning into a werewolf. It it there that Trent sees Sally and instantly recognises her. To explain herself, Sally tells him a half-truth: that her ex-fianceé, Danny Angeli, was a violent man who she had to escape and thus she faked her death. They both have a good time with each other but when Sally invites Trent to come into the house, he says he's feeling sick and promises that he'll see her tomorrow.

On the following day, Sally wakes up and hears sirens outside the house. She finds that Trent has mysteriously passed away. The Teens They Are a Changin'


Trent is surprised to find that he was cheated on.

Sally realises that it's her fault that Trent died and thus she goes to help him find his door. When Sally tells Trent's ghost the truth, he is furious at Sally. However, he also reveals that he was engaged with Candace and that for him, Sally was in fact an affair. He makes Sally tell Candace what he had done, only to find that Candace had been cheating on him for a year. Candace is comforted by the fact that perhaps they both knew they weren't meant for each other.

As Trent's door has still not appeared, Sally tries to find out whether he had any other unresolved issues but Trent tells her to leave him alone.

At the end of the episode, Trent's door appears. After he walks through it, he finds himself in Donna's soup kitchen. Donna knew he was coming and uses a butcher knife to slash him, reducing him to dust. She consumes the dust and appears to become more youthful.