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Update 16
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Update Newspaper article
Date 17 February 2011
References BBC - Official Website

The Newspaper article about Jerry Crompton (Brandy's father):

Martial arts champion Jerry Crompton was "like a wrestler" according to an eye witness.

A local man has been charged with grievous bodily harm after starting a brawl with the members of the traveller community currently residing on common ground near the local gas works.

Jerry Crompton, 47, is alleged o have started the fight when a minor row spilled over into violece. In a statement read by his solicitor, Mr. Crompton claimed he was "totally innocent" and that he was attacked while asking the victim to control his dog. The victim is remaining silent on the issue, mainly due to a fractured jaw.

According to reports, a short conversation between the two men ended with Mr Crompton, a local material arts champion, "going berserk"and knocking the victim unconscious with a single punch. An eye-witness described what happened next. "He was crazy, he just lost it", claims the source. "There were about secen or eight guys who started on him after that, and he just sorted them all out. It was like a wrestler fighting school kind, he was lifting them off their feet."

Mr Crompton's solicitor stated that his client "strongly denies" the accusation and that the only fight will be the fight to clear Jerry Crompton's name."

The case continues.

Adam writes the following about the article:

Been digging on the Cromptons. The rumours are true... these guys are hard core.


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