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Date 18 February 2011
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Matt has posted a memory.

So. I was in one of the toilets writing some graffiti on the wall when someone burst in. I didn't have time to turn around. I think they might have hit me, or banged my head, I'm not sure.

I suppose that was when I died.

The next thing I remember I was outside the sports hall in the car park. And it was like I was in a dream. All the colours were brighter, like I was seeing everything for the first time. Even ugly, boring things. Like someone had keyed a car in the car park, and I remember staring at that scratch like it was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was weird.

Then I remembered the bogwash. And couldn't remember how I got from that happening to being in the car park. And I got scared. Usually I don't report bullying because if you grass on people, you just get bullied more. But this felt different. I was so scared I just had to tell someone.

I ran up to Steve McKenna and started to tell him that I'd been attacked. He just ignored me and kept walking. He's usually one of the good ones, and doesn't say mean things to me. But he just walked past like I was invisible. I tried a few others, even some that had bullied me. All of them ignored me.

Part of me was thinking that this was just a new form of bullying. Like, they'd all had a meeting and decided that blanking me was the new chinese burn, or something. And I remember thinking that that wouldn't be so bad. Less bruising. I could live with that.

Then someone walked right through me.

It was over quite quickly but it wasn't very nice. It was cold and dark in there. I screamed and the person who'd walked through me gave a little shiver. When I was alive, I'd done that myself, that little shiver thing. People usually say "Someone just walked over my grave." I wonder how many of those were people walking through ghosts and not realising.

I guess it was around this point that I realised that I was dead. I went back to the toilets, expecting to find my body, but it had gone. And I had this odd little moment of hope, thinking that maybe I'd just banged my head and I'd been hallucinating and that I wasn't actually dead at all. And that's why there wasn't a body, because I was still in it.

Then I walked through a wall and bang went that theory.


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