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Date 26 January 2011
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Matts mother has pasted missing posters of Matt into the town, after Matt hasn't returned from school. However some residents did not like it. They say that the posters are not good for the environment. So the council has forbidden Mrs. Bolton to put up any new missing posters. Even the local newspaper wrote an article about this:

"The mother of a teenage runaway has been slapped with an ASBO for plasting the town with missing posters.

Iris Bolton, 43, has pasted over 500 plach and white posters to buildings, trees and lamp post in an effort to find her son Matt, 17, a pupil at Rathborne High School. However, tht coucil has been forced to act after local residents branded the material 'an eyesore'.

"It's a mess" said one member of the community who wished to remain anonymous. "It's bad enough seeing them on every available space, but when the wind picks up they're blowng all over the place. The park looks like rubbish tip."

Mrs Bolton first began her campain last weekend, when Matt failed to return home from school on the Friday night. "I knew something wasn't straight away, when the omelette I'd put out for his tea had gone cold. After a couple of days I had to do something. I couldn't just sit at home, I had to get his picture out there. Everyone thinks he's just another runaway but he's not. He's my boy and he's a happy boy. He'd have no reason to run away."

But this claim is at odds with reports from Rathborne High, where Matt was not considered a "high achiever" or a "popular" child. His large size and shy manner made him a target for bullies, adding weight to the theory that Matt is just one of the many teenagers who choose to go missing in Britain each year.

"The council are sympathic" said local councilloor Gary Frinton "We understand this is a distressing time for Mrs. Bolton and we're doing everything we can to help her find Matt. But this is a close knit community and people do not like seeing the place plastered with these posters. Wehn they come loose they're basically litter and that is why the council has been forced to step in.

The ASBO prevents Mrs Bolton from placing posters in the local area for a period of six month, although she has vowed to carry on. "Councillor Cretin will not stop me", she added."


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