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Update 9
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Date 8 February 2011
References BBC - Official Website

Christa wants to turn Danny Curtis into a nicer person, so she writes his names into serval lists: The Gardening Club, Partner a Pensioner, School Musical.

Christa (on a mobile phone video): "The thing about Danny is, that he needs to change his ways, be a nicer person actually. So lets see what we can do about that. Got the school signer board very eager. But I am thinking, the school musical might be right for Danny. (...) Partner a Pensioner (...) yeah for the kind of caring person, that Danny clearly is. (...) Gardening Club, hmmm... yes I am sure that Danny would be very, very eager about it. I think we might just be able to turn Danny Curtis into the role model pupil."

Christa writes the following about the video: "I did Danny a favour today. I'm sure he'll thank me in time..."


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