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The Vampire Brothers are two Asian brothers and the progenitors of the vampire race.


According to Regus, the Vampire Brothers were two brothers in Asia. At some point around three thousand years ago, the Brothers made a pact with the Devil; the Brothers would have immortality, and in exchange they would consume blood. Through this pact, the Brothers were turned into the first ever vampires, and became the progenitors of the entire vampire race.

After becoming the original vampires, when the Brothers drank blood for the first time, they had five dreams. The last of these dreams, named The War Child, was a premonition of Eve Sands' birth and death in 2012 and how the latter would lead to the vampire race's downfall. The War Child was subsequently written down on a three-piece scripture of human skin. (Eve of the War)

It is unknown whether or not the Vampire Brothers were still alive by the present day, but the fact that Mr. Snow, who is believed to be at least slightly younger than the Brothers, was the leader and therefore presumably oldest of the Old Ones by 2012 (Series 4) would suggest that the Brothers either were dead, were unaffiliated with the Old Ones and the other vampires', or were missing and their whereabouts unknown.


Very little is known about what the Vampire Brothers were like, but their pact with the Devil to have eternal life in exchange for blood by becoming the first vampires would suggest that the Brothers were very amoral and obsessed with cheating death. Also, the fact that the Vampire Brothers used human skin as parchments when writing The War Child would imply that the Brothers were extremely vicious, barbaric and violent.


  • Because of Mr. Snow's ancient age and Hal Yorke's statement that Snow is one of the earliest vampires, some fans believe that Mr. Snow may have been one of the two Vampire Brothers that the vampire race began with. However, others have discredited this theory; because the Vampire Brothers were mentioned by Regus as being Asian, whereas Mr. Snow was Caucasian.