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A lot of vampires spent their freetime with watching werewolf fights. During werwolf fights a werewolf is put into a cage with another werewolf or a human. If two werewolves are in a cage they will usually aggressively attack one other and mark their territory. If a human and a werewolf are put in the same cage, it is most likely that the werewolf rips the human into pieces. However the humans always get a knife and a few of them survive the werewolf attack, like McNair. Vampires enjoy this, for them it is a very big event, like watching a football match for a human. Werewolf fights are often called dogfights, given that "dog" is a derogatory term Vampire soften use towards Werewolves.


The history of the werewolf fights go back a long time. It is unknown when exactly the werewolf fights started, but presumably not a long time after the first vampire met a werewolf.

It is known that a lot of the werewolf fights were organised by the Old Ones and Hal in the 50s. Leo was one of the werewolves, that were forced to fight there, but there were a lot more.

Herrick also organised werewolf fights in the 90s. In one of the fights McNair became a werewolf.

Mitchell however believes in 2011 that there aren't any werewolf fights anymore. He is proven wrong when Richard and Emma, catch Tom, Nina and George and put them into a cage for a "dogfight".

In the alternative world Tom dies during a werewolf fight. He holds back during his final werewolf fight, even after he'd transformed. He'd rather have died than kill again.

Known Organisers[]

Known Fights[]

  • 1950s Leo (werewolf) - killed Felix Hart
  • 1950s Leo - killed Lenard Price
  • 1950s Leo - killed Albert Perry
  • 1950s Leo - killed Fred Saunders
  • 1950s Leo - killed Johnny White
  • 1991 McNair (Human) - killed the werewolf Alan and became a werewolf himself.
  • 2011 McNair (Werewolf) -  killed the human Paul Jameson.
  • 2011 Tom, Nina and George were put into a cage for a werewolf fight, however they were set free by Mitchell and McNair before anything bad could happen.

Filming Location[]

The werewolf fights were filmed at Maindee Baths.