Being Human Wiki
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Occupation Chief Constable
Affiliation Bristol Police
Home Secretary
Television Portrayal
First appearance Long Live The King
Last appearance The Looking Glass
Portrayed by Ian Puleston-Davies

Chief Constable Wilson is a high-ranking member of the Bristol Police service. He is first seen in the episode Long Live The King, where he is seen accepting bribes and helping the Vampire community remain hidden. After the death of William Herrick, the Vampire community goes into chaos. A group of Vampires attack a young couple, Marcus Balfour and Tally Westwood. Tally is killed during the attack, but Marcus awakens and begins reciting his tale. Marcus is then assassinated by an unknown killer acting under orders from Wilson himself.

Later, Mitchell and Wilson discuss how a new system can be put in place to stop the brutal and random attacks that have been going on. Wilson makes note of the recent deaths of Kelly Bracewell and Sumira Clarke, two young offenders that were killed by Cara. Wilson tells Mitchell that if the Vampires continue attacking only repeat offenders, then they won't have a problem.

After dragging Mitchell into the station and ordering him to kill Douglas Drakefield, a sex offender, Mitchell remains adamant that he is no longer a killer. Wilson persists, however, and sends Mitchell to Drakefield's home to kill him. Once there, Mitchell tells Drakefield that he must go to the station and confess, he must go to prison. Mitchell returns to Wilson, but Wilson's persistence reminds him of Herrick and Mitchell brutally murders Wilson.