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Yvonne Bradshaw
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Former Headmistress

Television Portrayal
Appearance Hold the Front Page
Actor Selina Griffiths
"He was filming in the school chapel, we were introduced, and...all I can say is...he has a lovely trailer."
―To Annie, Tom and Hal on Brad Pitt

Yvonne Bradshaw is the former headmistress of St. Hilda's School for Girls and the lover of Adam Jacobs. Her father was an unspecified demon and her mother was human, making her a Succubus, a supernatural being that infects men by touch and then kills them by having sex with them. (Hold the Front Page)

One day she meets Terry and falls in love with him. After they have sex, Terry dies in her arms. Yvonne is traumatized and feels responsible for his death. Because of that she refuses to have sex with her new boyfriend, who begs her to do so.(Letter To A Succubus)

She infects Hal and Tom when she comes to Honolulu Heights, causing them to experience dreams of having sex with her, making them both so scared they locked themselves in their rooms. She made out with the vampire Adam Jacobs, who only survives for as long as he does because he is already dead. (Hold the Front Page)

When Annie tells her what she really is, she finds out that Adam doesn't really love her, and that he is just under her spell, making her so upset that she almost kills Tom, but luckily Adam realises that Adam does actually love her. Having reunited, she and Adam ultimately relocate to the Isle of Grimsay. According to Rook's emails, Adam and Yvonne got married in Gretna Green in late 2012, and are believed to be currently living somewhere in northern Scotland. However, her status following the Devil's victory is unknown. (Hold the Front Page)

Tom and Hal told new housemate Alex about Yvonne, but she has not encountered Yvonne personally.