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Zoe Gonzales
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Television Portrayal
First appearance All Out of Blood
Last appearance The Panic Womb
Actor Susanna Fournier

"I never kid about malevolent spirits, or jewelry."

Zoe is a maternity nurse in the hospital where Josh and Aidan work. She is played by the actress Susanna Fournier. 

She has the ability to see ghosts even though she is human because a ghost came to her as a baby and she subsequently absorbed his soul. She was the one who helped Sally out of her supernatural coma. Because of her ability to see ghosts, she was able to see Nicholas Finn and form a romantic relationship with him. They continued to see each other after Nick was brought back to life. In Of Mice and Wolfmen she talks to Sally about how Nick has been acting strange and how he bit her and broke the skin. At the end of the episode she catches Nick eating a stray dog. He tells her that its ok and he can fix it, but he then tells her that he is still hungry and preceeds to attack her as the episode ends.

In For Those About to Rot after Nick attacked her, she defended herself with a bat and killed Nick. She then called Sally and told her what happened and how bad she feels for doing it, Nick's ghost reappears and tells her not to feel bad as she was just defending herself and tells her the truth about what he and Sally are and how dangerous it is to be around them. Nick's "door" then appears and he passes on. Sally tries to comfort her but she tells her to leave and never contact her again.